Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Egg-Stuffed Potatoes

Today I had to scramble a bit to get dinner on the table. See what I did there? I'm very punny. I'll stop now.

Anyway, dinner time was fast approaching. I had been planning on thawing out the last of our taco beans and whipping up some nachos, but found that I had, in fact, used them to make quesadillas last week. Crud. So the only protein I could cook quick enough for dinner was eggs, but I really didn't want scrambled eggs, or a frittata.

A quick search lead me to something called an Idaho Sunrise. Sounded good, but soft-cooked eggs really squick me out. Like, seriously. Ew. Even though it said they were good even if you don't like runny eggs. Ew. So I changed it up some and scrambled my eggs a little before putting them in the potatoes, and cooked them a minute or so past the point where they stopped jiggling. Ok, I wasn't anything approaching that precise, but they really were cooked just slightly past the no-jiggle point.

And they were good:
Please excuse my lacking photography skills. And also the dark brown  burny stuff. Some of the potatoes overflowed a bit.

Anyway, I changed a few things. Instead of butter, I brushed the insides of the potatoes with bacon fat. YUM. Sadly, I had no actual bacon to use, but I did have cheddar cheese and little green onions, which I used generously.

We ate them topped with a little sour cream, and I had some chipotle Tabasco with mine. Love that stuff. On the side? Green smoothie. Verdict?
Ok, so that's a little bit of a cheat. She grins every time the camera comes out. But she DID like dinner, so I'm counting it.

Also, here's an upside down squirrel: