Wednesday, March 13, 2013

It began on a whim

Cool new blog. Awwww, yeah! So the plan is to document some of the
 random exploits we do around here. Do? Does one do exploits? Seems like the wrong verb. Clearly I am no writer, but I shall do my best. Hopefully I'll have some cool things to document. Mainly along the lines of housewifey things, gardening, cooking, cleaning, boring stuff like that, but every so often I'll probably have some random building project or something. Who knows. Heck maybe my first post will be about why my keyboard seems to be going haywire. Seriously, I've got line breaks and random spaces all up in this paragraph. Will try to fix. Laters!

And it turns out that it was just a stuck enter key over by the 10-key pad. Which explains the mysterious boot problems I had earlier, as well as the weirdness of, well, everything. And now it's fixed, and it just took me two minutes of wiping down the keyboard with alcohol. I love it when things are easy to fix.

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